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Ad Fill yielding engine from Ad POD for FAST Channels & Streaming TV Broadcasters

FAST Channel Distribution, carrying your excellent linear television channel to various global platforms with complete monitoring and monetization. AdPOD TV does not take revenue shares or charge additional fees for distribution to other platforms. Any additional costs are charged to advertisers and venues directly.

Your channel is automatically added to KAPANG UK & USA with an 80% Revenue Share at launch so your content is monetizing from day one!

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100% Ad Fill for FAST Channels

Ad Pod Ad-fill for FAST Channels & CTV Broadcasters delivering perfect user experience

Ad Pod fill has been a fine art across the Streaming TV industry for some time, but 100% Ad-fill provides the user with an actual TV experience which retains them on your channel irrespective of the revenue earned, usually providing >30% higher watch hours.

Get your channel seen everywhere on the right platforms with the right revenue shares and fees to maximize your FAST Channel Business Model with AdPOD TV.

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